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RE: Satista question

Thanks Marek. I'll have to use Pd then, since I have very little (>10ml)
Pt solution. If 1 drop of Li2[PdCl4] per 25-30 drops of 20% AFO is
enough for a print with good Dmax that's fine for me... (I don't care
much about the color right now -> will tone the image with Gold/Thiourea

What are the effects of playing with solution strenghts? For instance,
can I use 40% AFO for faster printing times? Should I also change the 4%
AgNO3 solution strength accordingly? Will using a stronger sensitizer
give me better/stronger Dmax? How is Satista Dmax compared to POP (or
DOP) Palladium prints? What can you say about the characteristic curve
of the paper? I guess it will need digital negatives with less drastic
curves adjustment -> due to lack of print-out...

Thanks again,

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I tried omitting platinum form the formula for satista prints and it did
not work. No image was formed with exposure times similar to what I have
worked for satista process. I do not have my notes handy at the moment,
but I can check later of what noble metals I have tried. I vaguely
remember tryig palladium and gold as a noble metal sensitizer for the
process. Platinum works the best and that is what I mostly use. 
I'll get back to you later on this.

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Subject: Satista question
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 14:32:44 +0200

Hi all, I have a question for Satista printers (Marek M? Philippe A?

I want to try Satista prints for sake of economy -> I have little Pt and
Pd on hands (which I can't obtain in Istanbul - have to import; I real
PIA with current customs regulations) but I can buy AgNO3 and K[AuCl4]
locally - at very low cost... Question is: Do I strictly need any Pt or
Pd salt for making Satista prints (I guess they fuction as catalysts
rather than image-forming substances)? Can I make good Satista prints
w/o using any noble metal salt, by just using Ammonium Iron(III) Oxalate
as sensitizer and AgNO3 as developer?

Thanks in advance,