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The Chiba System

I have put up some web pages with my thesis. Suppose most people here have
here have found it by now, but to have formally mentioned it here :-)

Had hoped to put up some more images (this study is primarily fun with
greyscales), but no time or concentration these days...

Will eventually make all those prints and convert this into something a bit
more user friendly, but for now...:

This is two and a half printing methods based on Carbon and Gum printing
using ammonium ferric citrate as sensitizer. Main point / purpose is non
toxicity, main focus has been "make it work" :-)

Follow the "The Chiba System" link on this page:


I will be mostly offline from end of next week, (seen fiddle with the auto
response / out of office settings) but will check mail occasionally.

Thanks to the list for inspiration over the years :-)