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Re: Mailing ist OK?

OK all you buttbabes.....

I am in the throes this weekend of finishing 6 new works for a show I need
to mail out this week, unfortunately none of them solarplates but
FORTUNATELY all of them gums, cyanoplats etc. Some are of former images
that I have to redo smaller for the show. I have been having a blast being
back in familiar territory for a while and out of the solarplate black hole.
And I got a couple of prints that are my absolute faves....more on this show
later and yes it will be posted on the web. I have been having a lot of fun
being more painterly with gum, developing with a brush right away and for a
long time. I'm tellin' ya, that little Royal Langnickel brush SnoWhite 4510
is the BESTEST for brushing gum. Soft but firm and teeny and sharp.

BUT, a more reasonable reason why the list is so quiet this weekend--I
wasn't doing the spring break babe topless thing but I did suntan in a
bikini over spring break heheheh and I think Don Bryant was in one of those
videos I saw--is that all you OTHERS are not posting!!!!!! So SHARE!! AND
NOW!! Or I'll send the list an image of me in my bikini!!!!!
PS I actually MET Cactus Dave; I drove to WY for a George deWolfe
presentation and he was in the audience. We talked for a while, too...great
little photo program in Powell WY there...

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I think after they find Cactus Dave, they are going to perform in a wet
t-shirt contest in an unamed place and then do a book about it.

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Now I suppose you are going to tell me they are out west looking for
Cactus Dave?

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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