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Re: Is there a way to save old cyanotype paper?


BluePrintables sells cyanotype coated paper and cloth for up to a year with little ill effects. So age is not as important as humidity and light: stored dry and in the dark it can be used for many months, especially for non-critical work.

If you do soak it in alkaline water, remember to rinse it in acidic water afterwards to restore its pH.

Or you can always use it for drawing.

Sam Wang

On Mar 27, 2007, at 6:33 AM, Spike MacGee wrote:

Hi list!
I pulled out some old cyanotype paper that i coated in the autumn, and
it's too old. Or, is it? I've read somewhere i should soak it for an
hour after the final rinse and that this would save it, but it has not
worked - assuming it's water i should soak it in!
Any other ideas, or shall i just throw away this expensive paper
(although the chemistry was cheap!). ANy tips mucho appreciated.