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RE: testing

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007, Don Bryant wrote:

Me too! Must be something coming from apartment 15 in your building Judy!

Don Bryant
Well today I'm on my daughter's air thing, "Morton Homestead" if you please & it's encrypted. Besides I'm writing this on Z-term, dial up, terminal emulator ... Tho I'm pretty sure Verizon hates me, so that could be it...

Anyway, we feel bad because 3 big fags is gone... they were there for us when we needed them last year. But maybe they just moved into apt. 15? (that's not in our house BTW, but somewhere in the nabe...) we're tiny, only 4 foors, and I see our house 2 blocks away from the 9th floor where my new gym is, in "Printing House." (When they drive the business out, they name the real estate after it.) Hudson street was the printing district. the last relic, Superior ink building, is being demolished now.)

But as I was saying, our house looks tiny from the 9th floor... only ours & #59 next door. From the eliptical trainer they look like doll houses. The others are 7 floors & look huge. A few have roof gardens, or glass "lofts," some have solar panels... In the distance though, the empire state, the Chrysler bldg & Met life blding, plus an ascending wall of lights... remarkable, like what's that Italian city that climbs up Tuscan hills?)

So have I gone on enough? Can you sleep now?


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