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Re: New clear 5-mil polyester ink jet film

I had seen this film advertised and thought it might be interesting to try—I called and asked if I could get a sample (I believe I am correct, it only came in rolls.)  I talked to the Lexjet sales/customer service rep and he didn't have any samples to send out and had no plans in the future to do so. 

He said he would be happy to arrange for me to purchase a roll of the stuff.  It seemed at the time he was more happy about the prospect than I was.

He also stated that the film works really well in the printer because it has a blue tint to it, which allows the printer to see it when loading....... hmmmm hehehehe  I would certainly wonder what the UV density of the base film is... but then I can't tell because I don't have any......it might be just fine.

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Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 3/30/07 5:14:23 PM, jm@jeffmorris.com writes:

Ran across this in the March issue Great Output magazine. I haven't 
tried it but thought those of you that create digital negatives might 
be interested.

"Lexjet Instant Dry Clear Polyester is a clear, instant dry film that 
an be used with Epson UltraChrome, K3 and other pigmented aqueous 
inks...Utilizing a clear DuPont Melinex polyester base, the 5-mil 
material has a microporous coating engineered for 350 percent ink 
coverage...allows for the densest black possible, and ink won't smear 
or smudge once it's printed...available in 24-in, 36-in and 100-foot 


If anyone tests this material please post the results.

Jeff Morris

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