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Re: New clear 5-mil polyester ink jet film

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It says that it is made for screen printing. When Mark said it had a blue color I was worried that that might have an effect, but if it is used with screen printing then it would be fine for us, too. I am tempted to buy a roll, but I don't have a 24 inch printer.
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Subject: New clear 5-mil polyester ink jet film

Ran across this in the March issue Great Output magazine. I haven't tried it but thought those of you that create digital negatives might be interested.

"Lexjet Instant Dry Clear Polyester is a clear, instant dry film that an be used with Epson UltraChrome, K3 and other pigmented aqueous inks...Utilizing a clear DuPont Melinex polyester base, the 5-mil material has a microporous coating engineered for 350 percent ink coverage...allows for the densest black possible, and ink won't smear or smudge once it's printed...available in 24-in, 36-in and 100-foot roll."


If anyone tests this material please post the results.

Jeff Morris