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Re: solarplate wedgies

  What's your technique like  for doing
>chin colle?  

I tried two:  wheat paste as a paste put on top, and a PVA
thinned paste.

I think the paper I used to chine colle with is pretty
porous so the moisture, what little there is, bled through. 

BTW, I wanted the image to be printed on top of the chine
colle.  It is a colored background, with a part of the image
cut out of the chine colle paper so that there is an area of
white where the guy's shirt is.

I have not tried the sun yet.  One test at a time and I did
the step wedges test this weekend to see the tonal range
movement with different ratios. It's not like gum testing
where one piece of paper tossed is 50 cents, but a plate at
$10 makes me gasp.  I don't want to tell you my final cost
tally of this semester...

This weekend I had to get the print done for the portfolio,
so it was production weekend. Finally.  Plus I am sick of
testing and not producing.  I spent all day friday,
saturday, and sunday in the lab printing--actually a total
of 37 prints.  I ended up using Somerset Satin and loved it.
 I also ended up using Daniel Smith intense black mixed with
dark brown and a bit of easy wipe and it looked really nice.
 Daniel Smith's tarlatan is much nicer than what I have used
in the past, too--the less stiff one.

>pursuit of eliminating the measles.  Maybe changing 
>substrates is the best solution for you Chris, but I've not
>found a  better looking substrate than Pictorico OHP.

You are right on that, but with UV tubes Pictorico may or
may not be the culprit.  I don't have a nice Amergraph, like
Clay  (so, Clay, finally a BLOG convinces you to try
solarplate and not the hours upon hours of all of us
slugging it out helping each other on the list????  At least
you already have the equipment but do you have a press?
Hopefully you will join in the discussion with your

>you find something  that is comparable, changing media is
>certainly cheaper than buying an  Olec unit and vacuum
>frame or running around in the sunshine with 
>photosensitive media and trying to be precise about it
>though!  ;-)

IF, in fact, my theory about ratio being the more important
factor, then running around in the sun might be a breeze. 
BTW it is not a question of if I get an Amergraph but when. 
When my hubby told me he was filing an extension on taxes
til June because our taxman is overwhelmed at the moment I
about s--t.  I said, does this mean no refund til then

>Let's all post some recent polymer gravures soon, eh?  I've
>been too  busy doing other people's plates of late to be
>able to do much of my own  work, but that will change soon.

Anytime...always good to put one's money where one's mouth

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