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Re: Press for Solarplate?

Hi Robert,

If your current press has a sizable drum (10" diameter or larger), and is in sound working condition, replacing the bed is probably a more economical approach. A good press by Takash with a 10" drum or larger and 24 x 36" bed is about 10K, new. I'd buy one if I had a need to. The studio I rent currently has a great one I use. I would stay away from cheaper, Dick Blick presses, since they may work fine when printing 4x5" or 5x7, but when you're ready to go larger, they will probably fall short. If you decide to go new, anything from Takash with a 10" or larger drum will be a great investment. If you can get one used, all the better, but they're very difficult to come by.

Good luck!


Robert Newcomb wrote:
About have my new darkroom finished and am getting ready to move my etching press into a near by area.
A question though. What size and what brand of presses are people using for printing the poly plates? The reason I ask is that my press was given to me because it was in storage, heavy to move (1500 lbs), the owner had access to another press and last but not least the 30x60inch metal press bed had been stolen.
So, I'm wondering if moving, buying a new bed and in general resurrecting this older large press ( Charles Brand) I think, or trying to buy a new press is better. The prices for presses are all over the place from the least expensive Richardson (dick blick) press on up to the bigger and heavy duty ones.

Any input would be appreciated.


Robert N.