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Re: Re: spots and dots and UVBL solarplates

Lets just call them UV/FL (white in color) and UV/BLBFL (for black light 
purple/blue in color). I am not one for letter but in this case it might work. 
A friend of mine gave me an Aristo exposure unit. Which is charged neon type 
of bulb we will see if it is any differant (white light not purple/blue).

I tried some KM plate exposures and did not get a good plate the ink jet 
posative was to thin. Back to square 1. UV/FL exposure.

Thanks to all of you  Jon, keith, Susan, Chris not sure who else but thanks 
with any luck (and without bad luck, I wouldn't have any) I may have some 
prints at APIS.

All the best
Jan Pietrzak

From: Jon Lybrook <jon@terabear.com>
Date: 2007/04/06 Fri PM 02:04:10 CDT
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Subject: Re: spots and dots and UVBL solarplates

And more particularly, "UV Blacklight Tubes".  Tanning UV Tubes seem to 
have a better quality to them for poly plates, from what I've seen.  
Never seen anyone using a big unit employing UV Tanning lights though...


Jon Lybrook wrote:
> Make that, "UV Tubes"... ;-)
> Jon
> Jon Lybrook wrote:
>> I'm quite convinced, along with Keith Howard, David Hoptman and 
>> others that UV isn't as good for poly plates as a point source -- 
>> Amerigraph, Olec, or our good friend Apollo.  You can get good 
>> results, but it is more problematic - especially when going bigger.
>> Jon