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Re: spots and dots and UVBL solarplates


How long would it take you to calibrate those Easter Eggs? hehehehehe

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Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 4/6/07 11:38:14 AM, susanvoss3@gmail.com writes:

Spring break here means that I have family all wanting to go out and
play and do stuff.... LOL... all I want to do is go down to the studio
and work.  So much for my "family values".  Bad Mommy, bad mommy.  I
did make Easter eggs with my son this morning though... and they're
spectacular, all painted with acrylic paints, BUT the whole time I
kept thinking about coating them with emulsion and printing on them,
or making a pinhole camera with one, or doing an emulsion lift onto
them.... the voices in my head just won't stop.  TELL THEM TO

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