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Re: continued solarplate notes

On 4/8/07, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:

Hey, it's sunny today--maybe today's the day.
it's snowing here as I write this.  the kids just came in from hunting
Easter eggs in it.  Earlier there was a fox, and then a coyote in the
back yard.  Maybe they were looking for the Easter Bunny?  Too weird
for this Florida girl.

Jon, the Dan Weldon screen isn't that dense at all.  I'm getting the
same exposure times as you are, adjusted for my 1000k lamp.

Another thing about longer exposure and the undercutting of dots...
that's not really the same as a finer screen.  The dots would be
smaller, but they still number the same per inch so the space between
would just be larger.


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