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Re: continued solarplate notes

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
If he's using the Dan
Welden screen and imagesetter positive, the density of both those things is so great he could probably do 15 minute exposure times and get away with it.
I used Dan Welden screens and also Elizabeth Doves and didn't find that Weldens was so dense (?)

So Chris, are you saying the Welden screen had less density than Dove's? Do you mean the dots themselves are less dense or the space between the dots is broader? Difference between an 80% density screen and a 90% in this process is the space between the dots. The dots themselves ought to be as black as they can be in either case.

My point was that if the positive this gentleman is using is an imagesetter positive it will have a better chance of standing up to a point source light of such intensity for 15 minutes and would have the added benefit of having the effect of smaller dots as the edges get burned out. Smaller dots=finer matrix to make up a wider number of tones, perceptually. This is the reason why I use the custom screens I do.