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Re: Powdered pigments?

I studied in the early 70's with a guy named Jack MacDonald, then in his late 60's and who had taught at the Mortensen School in Laguna Beach Ca. Jack said Mortensen used to buy the little tins of water colors at the dime store and grind them up in a mortar and just add water and dichromate to make gum prints. Jack said the tins of colors used gum arabic to make the pigment cakes and that was enough gum to make a print. I suspect the same is true of W&N cakes, but then maybe not.

Ok, you ask -- what's a dime store?


Jacek wrote:

Hi all,

I'm about to undertake Gum printing. I was wondering if it were possible to use the Pan blocks that are sold by Windsor and Newton instead of using their 15ml tubes? What do I need to do to the pan block to make it a powdered pigment and use it for gum printing? I presume just grinding the block into powder and mixing part of it with the gum, then mixing it with the dichromate is NOT the way to go? Well any info would be gladly appreciated :)
Jacek Gonsalves
Western Australia