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Re: Newbie Gum fun!

Hi Christina,

Sorry for not being very descriptive. I havent even attempted to coat pigment/gum, exposure, development or do any of the major steps as yet! :)

I'm still at the starting stages. Thats right I tried to shrink a brand new Arches piece of paper in hot water. When I did this with the paper, I got these random speckled light coloured dots all over the paper. 
Same as when I took another brand new Arches sheet out of the pad, and put it in a tray of hot gelatin, I got the same speckled dots? I seriously think it is the paper, as Katharine suggest I use below 140F, the sizing for both gelatin and water was less than 120 F. 
Will move on to another paper.

>I can't understand what you mean by "sized one piece in hot water" so what I 
>think you mean may not be it at all.  Do you mean you SHRUNK the paper in 
>hot water, used no size then, and coated the paper with your gum/pigment, 
>and your gum coating "fish-eyed" on you, where as you brush the coating 
>separates into little circles where there is no pigment, kind of like when 
>bubbles pop and leave an empty place?
>Or are you saying you coated and exposed unsized paper with your gum/pigment 
>solution, and during development you got a severe speckling and no image?