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re: Orotone Process

Hey Robert,

Say, If I understand right, you are making a glass plate positive for the Orotone?  One interesting effect, though not like the original Orotone, would be to use Gold leaf on the backside of the positive glass plate. Also, I think in traditional gold leaf work, it was common to put gold leaf on a surface that was first coated with a really nice color of red...I forget the color, but for some reason, I my pea brain links it with "Chinese Red"....so in tiny areas where there might be a bit of missing gold leaf, the red would show through, giving a really nice effect..... anyway, your post made me think of this.  I saw some work similar, but using positives made with imagesetter film at the Martha Schneider Gallery in Chicago...done by Louis Gonzalez Palma.  Here is a website:
Schneider Gallery Chicago if the Palma images don't come up immediately, check the list of represented artists and click on his name in the upper left hand corner.

I think with wet plate this would be even nicer than with the imagesetter images  on film.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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