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Re: Judy's Book

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Dave Soemarko wrote:

I remember there was an announcement from Judy about her book. I seem to
have lost that email (I think my AutoArchive deleted it). Could someone
forward it to me? Or Judy, could you resend it to met?
Dave, in about one week (the good lord willing and if the crick don't rise), I'm going to have a stunning new website AND a mail program that actually delivers my mail... (If I'd mopped floors at minimum wage for the time I've spent on tech support with the host, I could hire Al Gore to fix the damn thing, but so far all I get is that "postage stamp" in the "dock" jumping up and down like a 3-year old when I'm trying to do something else, and when I answer the call, no one's there.)

Meanwhile, $18 by check or money order payable to me or Front and Back Press, addressed to me or Front and Back Press, PO Box 20126, West Village Station, NY, NY 10014. For the list, that will include US postage, for overseas... e-mail me at Panix for info about postage. (My Panix account sends and receives text only, but does deliver the mail --and without jumping up and down.)

I'm pretty sure I deleted the original file myself, but I'll check, & if I find something I'll send it offlist. However, organized info and sincere raves from readers will be on the site, plus pretty pictures in "frames."

Meanwhile, thanks for asking,


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