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	An OT question:
	I just saw a lovely reproduction of Roy DeCarava's "Man on a Stoop
with Baby, 1950" in a Folio Society book of THE 100 GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHS.
	The repro in this book is excellent.  I was amazed at the tonal
range from highlights through open, rich shadows and the combination of fine
grain and acutance.  I had heard that DeCarava worked with 35mm later in his
career but I find it hard to believe that this image was made with anything
smaller than 2 1/4 if not 4X5 considering that it was 1950.  Does anyone
know for CERTAIN (not from conjecture or personal preference) what format
film/negative he used to make this image?
	If the photo history list is still active, please post this question
there as well.

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