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Re: finer aquatint screen revisited

I was thinking about the aquatint screen and wondering if there is a  relationship between the screen percent (80%, 60%, etc....) and the resolution of the screen (1800 dpi, etc)?  Does the "%" go down as the resolution goes up?

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In a message dated 4/23/07 9:59:45 AM, jon@terabear.com writes:

Hi Susan,

With good care the screens theoretically will last a long time, but they
can get dings, half-moons, kinks, etc over time.  Since imagesetters
have become few and far between, stocking up on custom screens seems to
be a good idea...or maybe Loris is interested in starting a cottage
industry in Turkey, land of the cheap imagesetter output!  ;-)

The purpose of my last message was to say I'm basically done looking for
vendors and the requirements are less rigid than I thought, as written
below.  The screens I was getting from CopyGraphics were great, but
there's apparently quite a bit of latitude in what one can do with a
finer screen.   Once I get good screens from two of the vendors I plan
on buying a bunch at various sizes, then putting their contact info on
this list and my procedures page.

The one param I forgot to include was the imagesetter is on the "Fine"
setting (as opposed to "Coarse" or "Very Fine").  Very fine produced too
much contrast.


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