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Re: Newbie Gum fun Continued

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007, Jacek Gonsalves wrote:


If you go to www.alternativephotography.com/books/js_post_factory.htm you'll find the first issue of Post-Factory Photography, which has an extended chapter on gum printing, a distillation not only of 14 years teaching the process to and photography art students, but also my own extensive testing. You can download it as PDF for free.

Meanwhile, your rundown suggests a new swimmer beginning on the high diving board (to me, anyway). For instance, in my experience, lamp black is one of the most difficult pigments to use. I'd suggest (and do in the article) starting with some easier colors, maybe a burnt sienna, tho if you want winsor newton and a black, their ivory black, while weaker, is friendlier.

And although some high-diving board printers do use gelatin size without a hardener, and effects can be very nice... not advisable to begin with.



Hi all,

Well I finally took the plunge on the weekend and did my first ever
print in gum.
The results were...well something actually came up and I can see I have
a long way to go! :)

I used W&N lamp black tube, found I couldn't weigh it on my scale when I
squeezed 2 pea sizes out, nothing registered on the scale! :)

The paper itself got stained perhaps of too much pigment or because I
didn't add enough gelatin to the paper?

My paper seemed to have curled and the negative seems to not have sat
comfortably on it, even with a heavy glass on. I might have to put
something heavier or try keeping the paper flat when drying with all the
preshrinking and gelatin. Perhaps I can find plans on the net to build a
Contact Frame?

The Arches paper Smooth 300gsm, I had an issue with dotted speckles, I
found that the water preshrinking I used wasnt that hot. The water
couldnt penetrate the whole paper, therefore getting speckles in the
paper. Also the fact I was preshrinking for only 10 mins.
I used this paper to develop a print, and the part where you can see the
dotted speckles, has been stained with the lamp black pigment, the rest
seemed unstained.

I ended up using boiling water to preshrinking another batch of the same
Arches paper, and I got no more speckles! Though I might have damaged
the actual manufacturers hardening of the paper? Also it really gave off
fumes with the boiling hot water, I had to take it outside.

I tried a batch, Katharine suggestion of below 140F(60C), unfortunately
it still has the dotty speckles. I changed the water at least 4 times,
their still there! :(

Reading the Altlist I see some people just use lukewarm water to
Also what paper do you use and how do you preshrinking it? With boiling
hot water, lukewarm water etc?

I also tried Acquarello Fabriano cold press with no preshrinking, a
brushed on gelatin on one side. Developed the paper and got staining.
Perhaps another gelatin coat would have fixed it or less pigment?
I'm not using any hardners in my gelatin and perhaps that could also
account for the staining.

Is a RED safelight, ones used in the darkroom safe to use when coating
gum? What do you use?
More to come...