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Based on what I’ve seen, 100% cotton board can go either way.  I generally use Strathmore Museum Board, which is buffered.  However, I’ve also seen 100% cotton board that is not buffered (or so the item description said…).



Camden Hardy






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A question for the pros:

            I use 100% cotton museum board.  Is this buffered?  I don’t think so but I ask the pros. 




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Second this...

See a quotation from the paper "A Blueprint for Conserving Cyanotypes" by Mike Ware:

"...The question of buffered storage enclosures and mounts
It is now generally-accepted conservation practice that cyanotypes should not be mounted on, or stored in alkaline-buffered materials. Calcium carbonate clearly poses a threat to cyanotypes when in direct contact with the image; but it has little ability to migrate through cellulose, so the dangers of chalk-buffered enclosures can be overstated. It seems prudent, however, to continue the use of unbuffered materials for the mounting or wrapping of cyanotypes, where direct contact is involved..."

Full text URL (in Word format):

I personally prefer to act in a prudent manner (just like Bob, Mike and many others) - in place of being disgraced later by an unproven fact...


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I must slightly disagree with Gawain Weaver's statement. I have actually
used mild alkaline solutions to bleach or lighten cyanotypes. A cyanotype
matted in a buffered board will be unaffected provided that the humidity is
low. I have seen cases where there has been some bleaching of the edges of a cyanotype print where it has been in close proximity to a buffered matt
board probably as a result of being kept in a higher humidity environment. I
would not take the chance of using buffered board to matt any of my
cyanotype prints that I consider worth matting. I'm not sure about
but why gamble when unbufferd board doesn't cost any more.?

Bob Schramm