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Re: Unknown area in Gum printing?

Jacek, you're burning your energy and ours by working with unhardened
gelatin. Which is not to say good prints can't be made that way, tho usually by the expert, not the beginner, but a "reading" of the "print" isn't going to be, let's say definitive (understatement), because the unhardened gelatin is a "wild card."

If I recall correctly, you said you didn't have "time" to go get a hardener. But your "time" is not necessarily useful in this way... and though kind folks will take the "time" to help you, the gelatin is still something of an unknown, so whatever you "learn" isn't necessarily meaningful or transferable, so could be more "time" wasted.

As for a scale, Ohaus triple beam balance from American Scientific Surplus is $103 + shipping, sounds very expensive, but will last -- and be accurate to 10th of a gram, longer than you will -- and no chip or battery to burn out.


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