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Re: Unknown areas in Gum printing?, etc.

Ok, sorry for opening a can of worms. Indeed sizing with gelatine hardened with dichromate sounds much much better than gum+dichromate. My only experience with gum+dichromate is with Cyanotype (worked OK - w/o any "Wow!" factor)... But I still think that if you think you absolute need sizing (which is another thing to consider - since there are gum printers who don't size at all) then you'd better harden the sizing - since Judy said (along with others) "it is possible *with the right combination of materials*"... Won't you agree it's better to lessen the "unknowns/parameter" when starting!?


Quoting Marek Matusz <marekmatusz@hotmail.com>:

 Chris.   Just for the record my suggestion (based on my own practice)
was to use a gelatin hardened with dichromate (reduced to trivalent
chromium) as sieze. This combination is always available for gum
printers.  I have no experience with gum/dichromate sieze.