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Re: Christina Anderson show

Thanks to all who commented on my good fortune to have a show at Atelier ph7. And thanks to Roger for hosting it and also for the fine web page.

Jacques, if you make that long trip and it isn't worth your while, I'll buy you a beer if you come to America :) It was an interesting show to make prints for, because they had to fit in 16x20 frames. Most of my work is 24x20 frames.

I am actually itching to do an itty bitty portfolio of work; I have a student who does a lot of images, say, 2.5x4 inches, and they are so precious, that I thought it would be a great challenge to do all my favorite gum prints in small size.

BTW, I sent 27 works to Atelier ph7, so get Roger to pull out the unmatted ones, too...:) heheheheh

I wish I could go to Belgium! As the word goes in our family, my mother was supposedly full blooded Belgian and adopted as a war infant in the late 1900's...(but we children are more suspect and think her adoptive father was enjoying a tete a tete with the family housekeeper...we will never know the truth tho...).

Roger told me that he frames (in wood) without plexi or glass--I think that is a grand idea, because gums are much better, I think, with visible texture.

Blab, blab blab.....Anyway...

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Just being in the nextdoor country, The Netherlands, this show simply draaaaaags me to Brussels. I am extremely excited to go and visit the show!!

Jacques Verschuren