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Re: favorite photography books

I'm a big fan of Ed Rushca's photography (albeit a small portion of his
work...mot are paintings).  He's got a book (in the MSU library, in fact)
aptly titled Ed Rushca and Photography, published in 2004.

Great book for anyone interested in conceptual photography.  It provides a
chronology of Rushca's photographs, along with explanations of each series
(which in many cases add a great deal of depth to the images).

Camden Hardy


On 5/3/07 6:46 AM, "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:

> Dear all,
>  I have a book I have been working through called Building a Photographic
> Library, which has in it 138 photographers (etc.) responding with their
> favorite 6 books.  It is really an instructive book, ending with 500 books
> in all mentioned, and the top 11 books mentioned the most (surprising to me)
> were:
> Szarkowski's Looking at Photographs, and Atget
> Weston's Daybooks
> Frank's The Americans
> Barthes Camera Lucida
> Cartier-Bresson's The Decisive Moment
> Adams The Negative
> Aperture's Diane Arbus
> Evans American Photographs
> Koudelka's Exiles: Photographs
> Kenna's 20 Year Retrospective
> This book was done in 2001.
> What I am working on is this:  I got our librarian to put all of our TR
> section books into an excel spreadsheet (we have about 3000 books at MSU so
> I can do this; at the U of Minn and other places, this would be
> astronomical.....) and I am weeding the list down to a sort of top 100 (or
> top 500!--I only have it down to 2000 right now!) photography books.  It's
> easy to do this with alt because the number of alt books is not quite high
> in general (I think I own most of them--Post Factory, Barnier, James,
> Farber, Scopick, Arentz, Arnow, Blacklow, Sward, Van Keuren, Crawford,
> Nadeau, Reed, Busselle, Frederick, Lewis, Laughter, Livick, blah blah blah),
> so that is why I am asking if anyone has any photographic absolute
> FAVORITE....let's say, 6, that they'd want to share?  Especially any from
> 2000-2007? OR photographers if you don't know titles?
> I think it would provide lively instruction to have this conversation on
> this list, even though not pertaining strictly to alt, because we ARE
> photographers.  It also may encourage those who never post on alt to post on
> something that I would think ALL of us have opinions on. Once done I could
> make it available on my website for downloading because I know I can't send
> attachments through the list and it might be too lengthy to cut and paste
> into an email.
> Chris