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Christina, my husband and I always notice those things, too.  Our
favorite of all time was driving down a road that ended at a
crosstreet.  As we stopped we noticed the big DEAD END sign straight
across the street, and right behind that, a cemetary!


On 5/3/07, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
LOL mine, too. I made that image while in grad school and no one really
liked it except me.  I hung it in my thesis show anyway, and talked about it
in my paper.  To this day I still like the humor and simplicity of it.  It
makes me laugh.  Now, when I travel, I always look at wrong way signs
differently.  Context, context, context...

I remember driving down the interstate one day and passing two signs saying
"Smoke".  I found that hilarious, too.  Also, the Caution, Church sign that
I've only seen in the South. So I did a series of Text in Landscape images
of this nature.
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> Very beautiful, Chris, all of them. But my favorite is "Wrong Way."
> Judy
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