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Hi Jon,

I worked with Peter some on the screen issue.  I was aware that they were doing both 1200 dpi and 1800 dpi on the machine resolution.... but there is also the resolution of the file that they are feeding to the imagesetter to get the tone... . do you know what that resolution is? that would be more like 300 - 4-- ppi range.

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Hi Mark,

CopyGraphics had been doing them for me at 1800 dpi (an Agfa standard apparently).

The new company I've been using has a SciTex imagesetter rendering at 2540 dpi.  It was either that or 1270 dpi...

This is not to say the screen pattern is literally 2540 dots per inch, rather, the SciTex imagesetter simply uses that resolution to create the stochastic pattern.  Under a lupe the pattern of the 2540 screen actually looks coarser than the pattern of the screen done at 1800.  SciTex stochastic patterns looks less like film grain than what Peter did for me originally with the 1800 dpi screen off their Agfa imagesetter... 


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