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Re: favorite photography books


I don't think  anyone has mentioned these books which have given me a lot of
pleasure recently. I guess that the following fall into a category of books
to both look at the pictures and also have something really interesting to

'Dear friends. American photographs of men together' by David Deitcher. - An
excellent, perceptive, well written and very readable text about 'reading'
photographs and illustrated with wonderful photographs

'Gustave le Gray 1820-1884' by Sylvie Aubenas. Le Gray's images of the sea
are sensational

'Karl Blossfeldt working collages' ed. Ann and Jurgen Wilde. WOW.

That old adage about 'not judging books by their covers'  is not a maxim
that I follow. I always judge a book by its cover. These days there are some
pretty neat books/covers. My first encounter with photography was a book on
Andre Kertesz because it had a terific photo on the cover. I was hooked by
that. I still get a buzz from seeing Kertesz's images. I have not been able
to find well produced books on either Kertesz or Sudek - my other favorite
Some terrific books have been already mentioned so I thought I would add a
couple of others.

cheers Catherine