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RE: Martin Parr

On Tue, 8 May 2007, Don Bryant wrote:

Well it sure cut against the convention -- which would be a young shapely
naked female.

That was my thought also. How was the shot made? Does Parr do Tableaux
photography?  Was the scene from a real life event? Certainly ironic and
humorous. One thing is for sure, the guy wasn't packing King Size!

Thanks for the chuckle, Don... but compare with probably most famous art in the world: Michaelangelo's David. This is an art convention, and the guy is art. I don't know about Parr's shooting technique... but if you mean set-ups, or staged scenes by "Tableaux photography" my impression is as a rule not, but here probably yes (everyone was too calm for reality).

I have an English friend who's been to Parr's lectures, when next I speak with her I'll ask if she knows. That may also be on his website, which I will check when possible... As noted, the guy certainly gives the impression of sly grabshots in scenes like the folks at the beach, and his tourists, etc., but that one figured to be a set up... or some kind of fake, even?

 But I think my favorite was the rear view of the guy in the stars &
stripes swim shorts (bikini?).

I'm curious, why was that your fav?
FABULOUS graphic design... also funny, don't you think? I mean the sheer rediculousness of that design there ...