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Re: smooth gravure tones!

My only question is are you ready to sell some artists proofs? Seriously please contact me off list if you are interested - it looks stunning - especially the fresh radishes. -Thom

SusanV wrote:
Hi everyone, and thanks!  I've had a big silly grin on my face all
afternoon.  From the very beginning i had such problems with measles
and splotches and and and... it was enough to give me hives ;o)

As these things usually go, I'm sure a new challenge will present
itself soon enough, so for now I'm making sure to really enjoy the
feeling of success in this one area.


On 5/8/07, Jon Lybrook <jon@terabear.com> wrote:
Beautiful! Very smooth and delicate array of light tones! That's a
great challenge to get right, so congratulations on the accomplishment


SusanV wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ok, I CAN do it. I can get smooth tones in my gravures!!!! Happy Dance!
> Go looky here.... www.susanvossgravures.blogspot.com
> Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about. Whew. I'd all but given up.
> Susan