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For Sale: Alt Process UV Light Source

I hope that this posting does not run afoul of list rules.  If it does, I
apologize in advance.
We are seriously downsizing and moving our residence.
I have a home-built (but pretty much "pro" quality) UV light source for
alt-process.  It consists of seven 24" UV-fluorescent tubes with a metal
reflector, mounted in a "box" which is full-length hinged to a "base".  The
hinging arrangement allows one to "lift the box" and the box will "stay in
the up position".  You can then gently lower the box over the printing frame
to make exposures.
The tubes are all "quick start" and there are four quick-start ballasts
mounted internally.
This device holds my 16x20 contact printing frame with ease.
There are two quiet ventilating fans mounted to the outside of the lid, and
the lid is drilled for "cross ventilation" parallel to the tubes.  The fans
are wired separately from the tubes, so they can be left running while the
UV tubes are connected to a timer if desired.
The base to which the light box is mounted is 24"x48", so there is room
beside the lid for the timer and other odds and ends.

The box is made of plywood and spruce.  The base is MDF.  Everything is
painted white.
Versions of this kind of light source sell on the web from more than $500.
I would be very happy to get $150 for this unit. Or make an offer ...
Thanks kindly for your patience.
Don Feinberg
Suburban Chicago, IL USA