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Re: hauling all the gear (was field seats)

Carole, I have a great cart from the Riksha company in Canada. It's a golf cart that's modified to carry camera gear. It's got big wheels so it rolls effortlessly across sand and dirt instead of getting bogged down, is balanced so it takes no effort to push it, and it assembles and comes apart easily to put in the back of the car. I carry 50 pounds or more on it quite often when I'm out with my 28 pound Burke and James and my big wooden tripod, as well as bags of lenses and whatnot. I think they made it for me as a special order item; I don't see it on their website as a stock item, but maybe they would make you one.

On May 14, 2007, at 11:03 AM, gumprint@gmail.com wrote:

Hello List

Thanks for all the great sources for field seats. Who knew you could get a cane that turned into a seat AND was an umbrella for only $200 ( http://www.gamebird.co.uk/acatalog/ Umbrella_Shooting_Sticks.html)

I am carrying a pack with a 5X7 wood folding field/6 holders/meter/ cloth/etc (about 23 pounds) and an awkward, heavy Gitzo with a large head (cast iron, I'm sure)
Are you all carrying this type of setup on your backs? I wonder if there are some light and narrow hand trucks with good size wheels that would work as a mule.
Anyone worked out something?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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