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Zimmerman (was RE: Single coat gums

The "Zimmerman method" was quite widely published in its day, originally I believe in the Photo Miniature, after that in (if memory serves) the Bunnell "non-silver" book of reprints, among others.

My impression (tho I haven't done my usual scientific survey) is that a "lost" method of general value would have gathered at least some practitioners, and therefore be found at least occasionally in vintage collections, and be mentioned variously in the contemporaneous press (always looking for novelty) -- in other words, not die as completely as this one did unless external forces, such as a better technology or method for accomplishing the same thing, or drastic loss of materials, or a radical change in photo practice -- such as the advent of "miniature camera" and enlargers that sent contact printing & its materials into eclipse.

That Sullivan could get a pretty print by the Zimmerman method is hardly definitive -- I can get a pretty print with kleenex on newsprint -- but my guess is that this particular method might be better pursued if one has an uncle, say, in the blotter business.

With the advent of ballpoint pens and digital printers, the blotter market may have largely dried up, so so speak, tho the resurgent craft of printmaking surely continues to provide blotters, probably of course, neutral pH and "art supply" priced. My memory of the procedure suggests
that the blotters could be used only once, though you could probably mat and frame them, too.



On Thu, 17 May 2007, Don Bryant wrote:

Hi John,

Thanks for the link but I was aware of his post. There once was a copy of a
file outlining the method on the B&S website, but it is gone now.

When the old B&S alt forum was still active I did see one individuals scans
of prints using this method. Very nice work, moody images printed with a
mixture of Paynes Grey and Ivory Black originally shot on Kodak HIE.
Thai person used the blotter technique and swore by it. His results seemed
to support his claims. Unfortunately that is the only instance I'm aware of.

Can blotter paper still be purchased?



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Hi Don

Dick Sullivan made a successful print,



"I'd recommend it for a Pulitzer Prize, except I lack the credentials."

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