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Re: Nameless show at John Stevenson


Thanks everyone for the nice comments about the show, but the highlight for me was finally getting to meet Judy, Susan and John. I could have talked all night with them but it wasn't to be, unfortunately.

Why do you use Imagesetter negatives instead of, say, digital, or other ?
This was asked by Judy and the simple answer is size. I guess that I'll eventually buy a bigger inkjet printer than the 4000 I have now, but as I have a custom profile for the gum process that seems to be working fine I don't see the need to change things right now and start recalibrating everything.

Ender100@aol.com wrote:
My Guess is it's the hard dots you get with imagesetter negatives and he's using angled screens.
Spot on Mark (groan). I've tried using the stochastic method but it just didn't work well for me, so I quickly went back to the regular halftone screens and just let Copygraphics set the angles.

I have to say now that Copygraphics really came through for me near to the end of me printing the show. I came back from a trip to find that the company I used in Minneapolis had sold their three imagesetters overnight, stranding me with a handful of images waiting for film. Duane and Michael were great. The film came back every time quickly and with no problems. My profile worked well with their setup too, so there was a seemless transition from one imagesetter to another. How often does that happen? If it wasn't for them the show would have been lighter by about 5 or 6 prints. Thanks.