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Re: I see spots......

Thanks Susan, I appreciate the advice....

Would you mind sending me a small bottle of your saliva?

In a message dated 5/20/07 8:14:47 PM, susanvoss3@gmail.com writes:


Winsor and Newton Kolinsky Sable.  They will last (nearly) forever
with good care.  I have several of them for watercolor, and some of
them are... well.... over 25 years old and they still hold a point.
Obviously I was in kindergarten when I got them.

stop grinning.

To point them I have always rinsed them in clean water, then I put
them in my mouth and coat them in ... spit... pulling them out with a
twisting motion.  No kidding, it's what painters do.  Of course I used
to use a lot of Emerald Green, which was discontinued because it
contained arsenic or something like that... that could explain some
things.... nevermind.

  These days paints are much safer.  These brushes will naturally point, though.


Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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