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Re: I see spots......

Hi Susan,

Well, being from Elgin, Illinois, the original home of Elgin watches, there are plenty of terrible stories here about the workers from the watch factory who painted those radium dials and had a habit of licking their brushes.... later, of course they experienced cancers .....

In a message dated 5/20/07 8:14:47 PM, susanvoss3@gmail.com writes:

To point them I have always rinsed them in clean water, then I put
them in my mouth and coat them in ... spit... pulling them out with a
twisting motion.  No kidding, it's what painters do.  Of course I used
to use a lot of Emerald Green, which was discontinued because it
contained arsenic or something like that... that could explain some
things.... nevermind.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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