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Re: The Death of Film(holders)

I did not save the reference source but I believe Fidelity was acquired over a year ago by Calumet. I've heard that production stopped on 11x14, 5x7, and full-plate holders but I can't confirm that. There have been several discussions on the Large-Format Photography Forum about these recent industry changes and attempts to find new sources for film holders (Toyo, etc.). Here's the URL that will get you started:


and one on the availability of holders in particular:


You might try calling Calumet.


On May 21, 2007, at 7:35 PM, Gordon Cooper wrote:

I've been told by Folks Who Claim to Know that all production of sheet film holders in North America has stopped. Can someone on this list confirm or refute this rumor?

Puzzled in Bremerton,

Gordon Cooper
Bremerton, WA