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Re: The Death of Film(holders)

Title: Re: The Death of Film(holders)
Yes, our company, S&S, produces and sells wooden film holders in a wide variety of ULF formats, including 7X11, 5X12, 11X14, 7X17, 8X20, 12X20, 14X17, 16X20, and 20X24. We have also made any number of holders for odd formats, say 10X10, 20X20, and 9 1/2 X 20. We sell them directly and also through Quality Camera Company in Atlanta.

We do not make film holders 8X10 and smaller sizes.


At 9:54 PM -0400 5/21/07, Ender100@aol.com wrote:
I believe that Sam Wang and Sandy King of this list also have a line of custom film holders they sell...

Right Sam?  Sandy?

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