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Re: Jose Ortiz-Echague and Fresson


I joined the Art Institute of Chicago and a membership gives you access to their collection.  You email or call in advance and tell them what you would like to view (they have a really nice viewing room)  and then agree upon a date and time.  In talking to them face to face, the staff seemed very enthusiastic about doing this. 

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In a message dated 5/22/07 10:05:05 AM, fotodave@dsoemarko.us writes:

I have never gone to a museum and view such prints (I assume they are
special collection). So how does one request a viewing? Can a lowly, no-name
person like myself just call up the museum beforehand and make a request and
they will arrange a viewing for me? Or do I need some "credentials" (which I
suppose I can find some too if needed)?

See what's free at http://www.aol.com.