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Re: The Death of Film(holders)

UGH - my feeble memory is this (and I could be wrong):

Lisco and Fidelity have been one in the same for at least the 15 years perhaps longer. How do I know this - I had a long conversation with somebody at the company 15 years ago. I also seem to recall that Calumet has had a hand in the film holder business for quite some time....and this is where my memeory is fuzzy... because one of the principals in Calumet also owned either Lisco or Fidelity before they merged. If production has ceased, it seems to me that Calumet should be getting the phone calls.

All that said here are the patents listed on my 8x10 Lisco "Rhino-Lite" aka "Regal II" holders purchased in the late 1980's or early 1990's:


and here are the patents claimed on my Fidelty "Elite" 4x5 holders purchased in the mid 1980's:


Wow, Fidelity and Lisco are both using patent nr. 3091168, hmmm.

If you want to look at the patent filings - use Google Patent search available at this URL:


Have a nice day - long live film!

-greg schmitz

On Mon, 21 May 2007, Gordon Cooper wrote:

I've been told by Folks Who Claim to Know that all production of sheet film holders in North America has stopped. Can someone on this list confirm or refute this rumor?

Puzzled in Bremerton,

Gordon Cooper
Bremerton, WA