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RE: Why did Nadeau bug Echague re the Fresson secrets??

Wow, this Fresson thing always comes back every few years. 

> So, it seems, there are four of you working on the 
> Fresson/direct carbon/carbondir process:  John Grocott, Art 
> Chakalis, Luis Nadeau, and Dave Soemarko.  Anyone else?

Technically speaking, Luis is not "working on" the process. He legally has
the secret to the Fresson process.

But as far as anyone working on the look of this process, I think that is
about it if we are talking about those on this list and those who has spoken
out. There must be many others in the world working on it. My memory is
fading, but one name that comes to my mind is something like Pierre Duncan.
He is in London, I believe, and if I remember it correctly, he was working
on some tricolor direct carbon process too. I don't think he is on the list.

He wrote me one time (a real letter through Post Office). I meant to write
him a reply, but out of busyness and switching of job, I didn't. I feel so
bad about it. John, you seem to know everybody. If you know and communicate
with Pierre, please tell him I apologize for being so rude.