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Direct Carbon and Fresson.

Good Morning the Six Hundred,
 Direct Carbon.   There are many processes which come into this category that we know about.  The more the merrier, wouldnt you say?  Variety is the spice of Life, and all that.
Fresson Printing systems. My guess is that we shall never know the Fresson secrets much like the story of Artigue who discovered the basic Direct Carbon  process. Artigue died with his secrets which he had discovered ''accidently'' while making architechtural drawing copies. For all anyone knows Fresson may be using a traditional four colour carbon process for their current colour work.
                The first Fresson( great grandfather), therefore had no info on Artigue's process other than that which he could discern by inspection and experimentation which produced  similar results, in appearance,
I think it is great that a cutting edge group like this List is so alive with interest to research a process which is almost mythical.
BTW Dave. What kind of grass cutting mower are you using? Is it the one which has an attachment for a camera on the handle so you may get blurry pics while mowing?
Sawdust Abrasion Development.  I tried this method when I started messing around with Direct Carbon fourteen years ago. I ended up using kitty litter from Tesco's which is courser than boxwood but it did, of course, do the trick.  The sawdust method is used in connection with temperature control of the initial soaking water bath.
I now use a fine adjustable garden spray,  with no temperature concern, which allows much greater detail control in the picture. Echague may have tried this. I wonder if Fressons ever did? Luis Nadeau? Whatever happened to him? A great  gatherer and purveyor of information.  I would not have discovered anything without Luis's publications.
More and more, later. 
 John - Photographist - London - UK.