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Direct Carbon info. Attn. Chris Z. Anderson + All

Chris, I am not trying to be difficult but, NO, I am not working on the Fresson / Carbondir process. But , YES the DIRECT CARBON process has been a constant challenge to me, for about fourteen years, with tests and hundreds of failures and a few successes. My results and similarities to Echague's prints can only be judged by appearance. But as I have said, Dave Soemarkoe's work, at least on the screen, looks very promising.
Perhaps yourself and some of your students may embark on the quest after you have gained sufficient info. from reading published accounts.
Good luck with your search and practical work.
More, later.
Best. John - Photographist - London - UK

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So, it seems, there are four of you working on the Fresson/direct carbon/carbondir process: John Grocott, Art Chakalis, Luis Nadeau, and Dave Soemarko. Anyone else?