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Re: Pierre Duncan aka Dunstan Pereira Attn. Dave Soemarko + LiamLawless.

hehehehe  sounds like they are the spawn of the devil — have you ever owned a Windows Machine? heheheheeh

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On Thu, 24 May 2007, Ender100@aol.com wrote:

> Maybe Judy will donate hers to Dunstan when she dumps it to get a new one.

Judy wouldn't curse a nice fellow like Dunstan with her evil vicious
sadistic fiend of a computer. I'd bet anyway that the reason he resists
has nothing to do with money. It's an instinct for self preservation. I'll
add that when I began with a simple computer (Mac Plus) in 1986, it was
perfectly benign, did what we needed of it and knew its place. You could
entirely master your program (or programs) from a clear and organized
manual. Of course an upgrade of 2 megabytes cost $200, but you worked by
swapping floppies & there weren't many programs out there anyway.

Meanwhile, however, they had teams of whizz kids in silicon valley
figuring out ways to part you from your money AND your sanity, about 300
against one. And the next thing you knew your computer was in league
against you and the manual was worse than alphabet soup -- in 3 languages.

The day I realized that the manual for an upgrade lacked index entries for
items in the menu, I realized all was lost. But by then I was trapped.


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Mark Nelson

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