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Re: New Films Anyone

Sorry I thought that bouced the first time, and I should have said
"cheaper". 100 sheets of 8.5x11 for about $50 CDN. I'm not 100 per cent sure
but it seems "Ulano" may be making FastPositive.


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> Anyone have experience with either of these films?
> FastPositive
> Chromopaque Film
> They're used in the commercial screen printing industry, come in
> and non-water proof varieties, 4 mil, claim instant dry times and are
> designed for Epson printers (dye inks) and rated to take ink and print at
> 4.0 logD without losing detail. They seems tocost slightly more than
> FastPositive will send you a free sample pack (10 sheets) to try. Mine are
> in the mail.
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