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Re: Computer manuals [WAS: Pierre Duncan etc.]

I recently added to my aging G4, which has given me great service since I bought it used about four years ago, with a new 24" Intel iMac. I was able to transfer all of the data and programs from the G4 to the new iMac via an airport connection we are running here at the house.

This was about the most seamless change I ever made from one computer to another, and of course, since I kept the old G4 I still have it on hand and can either use it or access all of its data directly via airport.

Miracles of the day.

Back in the day I too had this great old Mac Plus. In fact, I have still have it, carefully packed way in a box with a dot matrix printer and all relevant software, just in case it might become a future vintage collectible. Meanwhile, I am moving on. In fact, have moved on several times.

Sandy King

At 6:06 PM -0400 5/25/07, etienne garbaux wrote:
Judy wrote:

The day I realized that the manual for an upgrade lacked index entries for items in the menu, I realized all was lost. But by then I was trapped.
I recently replaced my aging G4 with a PC workstation, and was very pleased to see that it came with a nice, thick manual. Until I opened it. 250 pages of lawyerly warnings in at least a dozen languages. (!!) No user manual of any sort.

It does, however, appear to have drivers for just about every peripheral hardware device known to man, old and new. I have plugged in every old printer, scanner, plotter, monitor, external drive, card reader, CD burner, keyboard, mouse, trackball, tablet, etc. that I can find, and every one has worked perfectly with absolutely no further effort from me, including features that are unique to each device. It even supports things as obscure as my old hand-held GPS unit. Quite remarkable, actually.

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