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Re: Computer manuals

I have been a BSD UNIX and then Linux guy.  As soon as Tiger
came out, I moved to Mac OS X, and I found drivers and
everything not as bad as I thought. The only device that
worked better on Linux is Epson 1270 printer. I don't know if
there's a way to slow down this old printer (using
unidirectional, 1440dpi, whatever overspec to slow down the
motion of the printer head), like I could do on Linux. But I
think I'm done with inkjet printing when I'm done with current
ink and paper.

Anyway, back to the topic.


Everyone alredy know that. So here goes for another one minute.


I think no matter what system you use, there's a certain
degree of need to google around to find out what you need, if
you believe someone else already figured it out and is kind
enough to share.