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Re: Attn. Sandy King + All Re the viability of Direct Carbon Paper.

Actually John, I'm a little afraid of you, tho not yet afraid of Erie, but I think you need the same advice; DON'T put so much info in a single long paragraph without line spaces. VERY hard to read, definitely against a steep gradient. For some of us ancient decrepit bifocal-wearing relics, reading on the monitor is already a pain.

And for the love of heaven, SKIP A LINE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. You're not paying for paper.

Just look what it looks like:


On Sun, 27 May 2007, John Grocott wrote:

Sandy, I have felt this same reticence you display for many years and I might have agreed there was no commercial market for this Direct Carbon product, at present, in TODAY'S WORLD. I feel that this climate will change in the near future. (B & S please note.) Photography is a young science ( approx. 170 years old) and there have been great social upheavals in society which have slowed the merging of artistic evolution with photographic techniques. Younger generations learn from what was discovered by pioneers and then there is a demand, once more, for products for the practice of these obscured techniques. Digitalisation cannot provide everything to satisfy searching artistic drive. The computer is common place, today and cannot provide the theraputic needs of people in practicing something as satisfying as developing your own films or making your own prints. Now, electronics and improved communication systems has made this merging even easier. Maybe the sale of Direct Carbon paper would not take off without a lot of promotion and tight maunufacturing controls but , certainly, knowledge of the subject and how to provide one's own materials ( as Echague did ) is a very viable product. A similar situation exists with Bromoil. It is part of Information Technology ( IT ) which is just a hyped up way of saying, ''Learning how to do something''. The latest zip phrase is, I believe, ''Information + Communication Technology.'' ( ICT ). This is a very commercially viable product, in itself, in today's world.
Maybe, as you suggest, I will eventually publish and share what I have learned with the rest of us. I will endavour to try to make you happier.
Hope you are settling with pleasure into your recent retirement from your previous employment. I did this eight years ago and still cannot find enough time to devote to photography .
Regards. John -Photographist - London- UK
Sandy wrote:-
''I could be wrong, and nothing would make me happier than to see you
or Dave or Art make so much money from your labors that you will set
up your grandchildren for life, but this boy just don't see that
happening, and my suggestion would be to just share what you have
learned with the rest of us.

I hate to rain on the parade but I just don't believe there is any
commercial market for this product in today's world.

Sandy King''