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Attn. Judy and Chris + All. Art sales and Funny Money Values

 I have been making photo images since I was age twelve and never seriously considered whether any money could be gained from my intense interest in cameras and darkroom processing so I suppose now, at age seventy one, I can only accept that I must have been occupied with photography for other reasons.   For me, as for  many millions in society, there was and is Therapy  in Art ! !  Painting ! !  Engraving  ! !  Photography ! !  etc., etc.,not because it had been suggested by the medical profession as an antidote to my experiences as a child of the second world war  ( which it had not ) but because my father was a sign writer who taught me about perspective and drawing at age four, and my mother  who was a dressmaker showing me how to accomplish tricky tasks using my hands and my grandfather who explained  to me  what a Box Brownie was for.
               Funny money investments for those who are in a rich echelon of society may derive a similar life brightening thrill from making profits from playing on the willingly gullible whims of the well off.  Let them do their  funny money juggling if that's what gives them a kick.  Art , today, is one area where crazy money values are created by entrepreneurs,  historians and  accomplished journalists. I venture to say that it's a far better game than starting wars to make profit from weapons maufacturing, killing human beings and  the rebuilding of architechture which has been smashed. I am sorry to think that this evil will continue on the planet for many years to come . We will need more therapy.
I realize that this is a very simplistic view of things but its the only one which I can adopt which does not leave me dismayed when so many artists seem to be unable to achieve a decent living from their art. On the other hand  their Art  has a greater value in its role as a therapy not only for themselves but for many  special patrons including the majority of the population , much as sport does in a different way, than money.
I am not in the funny money league and do not wish to be but neither do I wish to be exploited by that faction who use the  techniques of shill as an everyday tool of their profession.
Getting out of your face, now. I will wear a different hat, tomorrow. I dont   really know what  the hell I've been going on about. Apologies to anyone who has taken offence.
Happy dreams. John- Photographist- London - UK.