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Attn. Loris + All. Further to gelatine coating.

Echague mentioned he used four coatings in his Carbondir/ Fresson process.
So maybe the implication is like this:-  Maybe, not ! !
 Base coat  = hardened gelatine.
 Second coat  = UN - hardened gelatine.
Third coat = gelatine plus ? ? ?
Fourth coat = Pigment plus musilage ( ? ).
I have experimented with many combinations of gelatine, gum arabic, poster paint (containing gum ), Sumi Ink, dry pigment and found you can get acceptable results in several ways but none  about which I would be  dogmatic to other workers.
                    Words are only theory. One should do the actual work to really know what you are talking about. I can only provide pointers and not cut and dried systems full of detailed procedures.
                     Please ask about specific points as they come up in your experimenting. Hope my postings have been encouraging.
            Best, for now.
            John - Photographist - London - UK